Baptism: An Important Step in Your Life with Christ

How should you be baptized-submersion, sprinkling, pouring? Does it matter? What about baptizing babies? What does baptism say about their relationship with God and their salvation? What is baptism all about anyway, and why should we be baptized?

These questions and more are expertly answered in Baptism. Written from a Wesleyan perspective, this book explores the meaning and practice of this Christian sacrament. From baptism's scriptural origins to its place in the lives of today's believers, this informative book examines baptism from several perspectives, including pilgrimage, transformation, celebration, and responsibility. These images and others, bolstered with real-life examples and illustrations, are looked at one at a time in the pages of this helpful book.

Dr. Jim Spruce, a seasoned pastor and church leader, has designed a baptismal guide that combines insight and clarity in a resource that is both concise and accessible.


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