Herald of Holiness - November 2, 1966

An orange-tinted photo of a clay church and a woman walking in front.
Guatemalan woman passes Nazarene church in San Miguel. (See "About the Cover.") Angels in Viet Nam (See page 8.)

02 God in the Commonplace by General Superintendent Young 03 What Happens When a Man Encounters God 05 The Cart before the Horse by Edward J. Johnson 06 Dividends on Missionary Giving by Harold F. Bell 08 Angels in Viet Nam by Richard H. Leffel 09 Lonesome Skies by L. Wayne Sears 10 Editorially Speaking by W. T. Purkiser 11 A Poor Man by Pearl Burnside McKinney 12 Pro & Con: Letter to the Editor 13 The Book Corner 14 Science is Theme at Olivet by Elden Rawlings 16 Toward Abundant Living: How to Handle Criticism by Leslie Parrott 18 Late News 19 The Answer Corner


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