James H. Mullins

James H. Mullins pastored the Church of the Nazarene in San Juan Capistrano, California, and in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the 1980s.

From Herald of Holiness - July 15, 1985 & March 15, 1980.

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Language: English

Herald of Holiness - July 15, 1985

William E. McCumber
Jerald Johnson
Merril Bennett
William David Gebby
Robert W. Graves
Geraldine Nicholas
Lola M. Williams
R. Franklin Cook
Jane S. Meyer
Steve Cooley
Jerry McCant
Gary Libman
Ross Hayslip
Vivian Stewart
Ralph A. Mickel
Linda K. Mowery
Evelyn Stenbock Ditty
James H. Mullins
A tree top view of stone buildings and a tower with red clay tile roofs.
Rothenberg, Germany

2 Joy Is Contagious, General Superintendent: Jerald D. Johnson
3 A Local Church’s Ethnic Ministry, Merril Bennett
3 This Cup is the New Testament in my Blood, Which is Shed for you – Luke 22 (a Poem), William David Gebby
4 Letters
5 It Happened Sunday Night!, Robert W. Graves
5 Sequence (a Poem), Geraldine Nicholas
6 Give Us Good Forgetters, Lola M. Williams
7 “Because You Gave…”, R. Franklin Cook
8 Blessed Assurance, Jane S. Meyer
9 Nazarene Roots: Uncle Bud’s “Flash Lights”, Steve Cooley

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Herald of Holiness - March 15, 1980

William E. McCumber
Eugene L. Stowe
James H. Mullins
H. Blair, Sr. Ward
Annie Stevens
Lola M. Williams
Hal M. von Stein
Debbie Salter
Merril S. William
Jefferson C. Wallace
Thomas G. Nees
John J. Hancock
Mabel P. Adamson
Paul T. Culbertson
J. Kenneth Grider
J. Grant, Jr. Swank
Neil Hightower
Harold I. Smith
Louise Pugh Corder
Kathryn J. Martin
Kay Martin
A bronze chalice and bread and bible against a background that has 3 shadows in the shape of crosses.

2 The Secondness of Sanctification, General Superintendent: Eugene L. Stowe
3 To Nathan About Walking, James Mullins
4 He Was God!, H. Blair Ward, Sr.
4 Cross-Examination, Annie Stevens
6 Yes, Lord, I'm Willing, Lola M. Williams
8 The Great Questions, Hal M. von Stein
9 Book Brief: One Is More Than Un, Debbie Salter
10 White Flag of Self-Surrender, Merrill Williams
11 How Deep the Hurt?, J. C. Wallace
12 Doing the Lord's Work in the "Me Decade", Tom Nees
13 The Kite, John Hancock

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Herald of Holiness - October 15, 1976

John A. Knight
V. H. Lewis
Dorothy J. Teare
Board of General Superintendents
Sharon Teare
Audry Miller
Jerry Hull
Eugene L. Stowe
Hugh Rae
Charles D. Mosher
C. Neil Strait
Vivian C. Umbarger
Theodore Esselstyn
James H. Mullins
Pauline E. Spray
Jerry Cline
An illustration of a Maori child surrounded by flora, fauna, landmarks, and artifacts from New Zealand.
New Zealand

02 For Profit and Blessing by General Superintendent V. H. Lewis
03 Christchurch Bishopdale, New Zealand by Dorothy Teare
04 The Position of the Church of the Nazarene On Speaking in Tongues by Board of General Superintendents
06 The City of Volcanoes by Sharon Teare
06 The Martin House by Audry Miller
07 "What's His Face" by Jerry D. Hull
08 Just What Is Palcon? An Interview with Eugene L. Stowe
10 A Special People by Hugh L. Rae
10 Miracle I Witnessed by Charles D. Mosher
11 In the Bookstall by C. Neil Strait

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Herald of Holiness - October 15, 1977

William E. McCumber
Orville Jenkins
Donald P. Mentch
Hal M. von Stein
M. M. Snyder
James H. Mullins
Gordon Chilvers
C. Neil Strait
Marcia Schwartz
Robert Branson
Ross Hayslip
John Chilton
Geraldine Nicholas
Walt Moore
J. V. Wilbanks
James D. Hamilton
Ira E. Fowler
Elma Brooks Compfort
Virginia M. Volk Thompson
The sun rises over a Lake Rouseau
Photo ID: Lake Rouseau, Windemere, Ontario, Canada. This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. (Psalm 118: 24)

02 Thanksgiving Is Thanksgiving by General Superintendent Orville W. Jenkins
03 Living Water—Man’s Need by Donald P. Mentch
04 Is There A Sure Fix? By Hal M. von Stein
06 I Am a Witness by M. M. Snyder
07 To Ben about Eating by James H. Mullins
08 When We Need Help Most by Gordon Chilvers
08 Love and Kissed…That Count by C. Neil Strait
09 In Church by Marcia Schwartz
10 A Popular Paraphrase by Robert Branson
11 The Optimism of Holiness by Ross W. Hayslip

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