James W. Steele

James W. Steele was pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in Okeechobee, Florida, in the 1980s.

From Herald of Holiness - July 15, 1982.

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Herald of Holiness - July 15, 1982

William E. McCumber
Eugene L. Stowe
C. Neil Strait
William Goodman
Jerry McCant
Reeford L. Chaney
David K. Kline
Steve Cooley
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James W. Steele
The view of a village along a river valley.
"I will set pines in the wasteland... so that people may see and know... that the hand of the Lord has done this..." (Isaiah 11:19-20, NIV)

2 Holiness and Holocaust, General Superintendent: Eugene L. Stowe
3 An Encouragement Revolution, C. Neil Strait
4 Letters
5 Doing Nothing Can Be Wicked, William Goodman
6 The Problem of Good and Evil, Jerry W. McCant
7 Through Refining Fire (a poem), Reeford Lowell Chaney
8 Holiness and the Revealed Character of God, David K. Kline
9 Nazarene Roots: At a Texas Camp Meeting (1880), Steve Cooley
10 My Most Unforgettable Character, Terry Michaelson
11 Times of Refreshing, Marcus J. Clements

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Herald of Holiness - June 30, 1965

Westlake Taylor Purkiser
Gideon B. (Gideon Brooks) Williamson
James W. Steele
Charles M. Elam
C. Edwin Murphey
Marian L. Knorr
C. Neil Strait
J. Lowell George
Jack M. Scharn
Jean Leathers Phillips
A. S. London
Ovella Satre Shafer
Florence Scripps Kellog
Sheet music of This is My Father's World; Inset: the Statue of Liberty
This is My Father's World, Hymn of the Month, July, 1965; What Price Our Freedom! See Page 6

02 The Trumpet Never Calls Retreat by General Superintendent Williamson
03 My Fallout Shelter by James W. Steele
04 Our Church Has a Mission by Charles M. Elam
05 “The Truth Shall Make You Free” by C. Edwin Murphey
05 I Knelt in Prayer by Marian L. Knorr
06 What Price Our Freedom! by C. Neil Strait
06 The Transforming Touch by J. Lowell George
07 Focus of Faith by Jack M. Scharn
07 “If Thou Be Pleased…” by Jean Leathers Phillips
08 Are We Deceiving Ourselves as a Nation? by A. S. London

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