Merribeth Olson

Merribeth Olson was a member of the Church of the Nazarene residing in Saskatchewan, Canada, in the 1970s.

From Herald of Holiness - November 15, 1977.

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Herald of Holiness - November 15, 1977

William E. McCumber
George Coulter
E. H. Edwards
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Mervel A. Lunn
Carlton Hansen
Gordon Chilvers
Melvin Shrout
Roy F. Quanstrom
Mark Hendrickson
Sandra Hendrickson
Wayne M. Warner
Merribeth Olson
John Chilton
James D. Hamilton
Robert Branson
Marcia Schwartz
Morris Chalfant
Dorothy Calitz
Ruth Leviner
Four images: the silhouette of a turkey, a statue of a pilgrim, praying hands and an arrangement of fall harvest.

02 Be Thankful Unto Him by General Superintendent George Coulter
03 Thanks, Church of the Nazarene by E. H. Edwards
03 Let’s Give Thanks by Alice Hansche Mortenson
04 Feel Good by M. A. (Bud) Lunn
05 God Give Us Grateful Hearts by C. D. Hansen
06 Is Thanksgiving Always Possible? By Gordon Chilvers
07 Therapy or Caring—It’s The Thing We Can Do by Melvin Shrout
08 Your Heavenly Father Knoweth That Ye Have Need by Roy F. Quanstrom
09 Special Thanksgiving by Mark and Sandra Hendrickson
10 Remove the Shrines by Wayne M. Warner

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Herald of Holiness - October 8, 1975

John A. Knight
George Coulter
Berge Najarian
Gideon B. (Gideon Brooks) Williamson
Arnold E. Airhart
C. William Fisher
Paul R. Martin
J. Melton Thomas
Fern Keoppel
Merribeth Olson
William Goodman
A.W Tozer
Ruby Phillipy
Tressa C. (Hansen) Terry
Arthur J. Stott
Aarlie J. Hull
Leon F. Wyss
A vignette of a lit oil lamp, an apple, books held up with globe bookends, and a rolled diploma in front of leaded glass.
Nazarene Bible College Offering October 12

02 Thanksgiving in a Hungry World by General Superintendent George Coulter
03 Dateline: Jerusalem - Friday, July 4, 1975 by Berge Najarian
04 The Message and the Method by G.B. Williamson
06 Nazarene Bible College Distinctives by Arnold Airhart
08 Standing in the Need of Prayer by C. William Fisher
09 The Gift That Fits by Paul Martin
10 The Holiness Highway by J. Melton Thomas
11 Education Evangelism by Mrs. Kenneth (Fern) Keoppel
12 One of God's Secretaries by Merribeth Olson
13 A Patrolman Speaks by William Goodman

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